Reindeerherding during eight seasons

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The Sami, people of the eight seasons, have for ancient times followed the reindeer and its wanderings.

Hike together with our reindeer to our tipi. Learn about a reindeer herder’s life and enjoy the Sámi way of drinking coffee, with a piece of dried reindeer meat in the cup.

Numbers of guests: 4-20. Booking at latest 16.00 hour the day before. A minimum number of people per booking is 4 people

Renbiten is a family business that combines reindeer herding, producing of our own meat, shop with a café and various guided arrangements. We offer the opportunity to experience sámi culture year around, both short day trips and multi-day tours at the mountains. We also offer accommodation in apartment, cabins at the mountain and in tipis. Our tamed reindeer always hiking with us.

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