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Idre Fjäll
Guest reviews: 100% (5 of 5 recommend)
Hostel | Here you can look up various accommodation offers on Idrefjäll with unspecified accommodation.
Acommodation offers, Idrefjäll

Älvdalen central
Dalgatan 31, 796 31 Älvdalen  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (8 of 8 recommend)
Hostel | Tre Björnar (Tree Bears) a cosy hostel with ten rooms. Wintertime you can crosscountryski, drive snowmobile, go fishing. In Summer you can hike in the wilderness, pick berries - mushrooms, go swimming, visit the Music and Motorfestival. And- just ...
Breakfast Pets allowed
Älvdalen, STF Hostel Tre Björnar

Idre village/Fjällfoten holiday village
Gamla kyrkvägen 4, 79091 Idre  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (1 of 1 recommend)
Hostel | Bergsskolan Hostel is an affordable and a excellent accommodation for those who want to stay nice and close in Idre. Also excellent for groups up to 16 people.
Bergsskolan vandrarhem

Idre village/Fjällfoten holiday village
Flötningsvägen 6, 79091 Idre  Map
Hostel | Fjälldalens Vandrarhem is located in a building from the 1950s in Idre, and has views over the mountains and lake. Idres Fjäll is a 10-minute drive away.
Fjälldalens vandrarhem

Älvdalen central
Guest reviews: 90% (9 of 10 recommend)
Hostel | In Gåsvarv, about 5 km south of Älvdalen, overlooking the Österdalriver and the nature around the corner. From here you can walk straight out into the wilderness along the old mountain trails, marked as hiking trails. The village bystuga available...
Gåsvarvs Bystuga

Grövelsjövägen 495, 790 91 Idre  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (2 of 2 recommend)
Hostel | Peace and quiet, stillness and fresh air. At Grövelsjön, you can discover your own atmosphere. Sit at a table in the restaurant 816 metres above sea level and gaze over the Norwegian mountains across the border. Enjoy a three course dinner with o...
Breakfast Pets allowed Restaurant Spa
Grövelsjön, STF Mountain station

Idre Fjäll
Guest reviews: 100% (4 of 4 recommend)
Hostel | Renovated apartment in the center of Idrefjäll 25 sqm with 4 beds. Perfect for those who are alone, couples or the smaller family for wanting to be close to everything.
Restaurant Wireless access
Idre Ski Apartment, Idre Fjäll

Idre village/Fjällfoten holiday village
Byvägen 37, 79091 Idre  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (2 of 2 recommend)
Hostel | Affordable accommodation with the best location in Idre Village. Ideal for groups looking for a gathered accommodation, but of course also for families and friends.
Wireless access
Idrefjällens Sport

Älvdalen central
Guest reviews: 100% (2 of 2 recommend)
Hostel | At Näset, about 4 km north of Älvdalen with a view over Nässjön, is Näsets bystuga located with up to 20 beds.
Näsets bystuga

Navardalen, Älvdalen  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (2 of 2 recommend)
Hostel | On the crystal shores of Navarsjön in the northern wilderness of Dalarna, STF Navardalen’s Wilderness Station stands in the tranquil dignity of the deep forest. Solitude can be found in every direction while moose and brown bear roam the mountain ...
Pets allowed Restaurant
Navardalen's Wilderness Station, STF Hostel

Guest reviews: 100% (3 of 3 recommend)
Hostel | Simple group accommodation in Grövelsjön with a total of 22 beds, can also be combined with Lillstugan to get a total of 27 beds.
Scoutgården Grövelsjön

None Bookable online

Särna - Fulufjället
Hostel | 12 sleeping areas and its open all year round.
Björnholms cabin

Drevdagen, 79091 Idre  Map
Hostel | A charming camping & hostel in Drevdagen.

Nornäsvägen 70, 789 69 SÖRSJÖN  Map
Hostel | Lunch daily 11 am - 2 pm
Fjåskbokkanes kafi

Särna - Fulufjället
Mörkret 13, 79090 Särna  Map
Hostel | Fulufjällsgården located in the small village of Mörkret at Fulufjället feet, 24 kilometers west of Särna

Grövelsjögården 1, 790 91 Idre  Map
Hostel | Stay in the middle of beautiful mountain setting, here at Grövelsjögården, located just below the tree line 782 meters above sea level with beautiful views of the Norwegian and Swedish mountains. Nature is right around the corner and the surroundi...

79091 Idre  Map
Hostel | At Hävlingen they are six 4-bed houses and a 6-bed cabin.

Särna - Fulufjället
Starrbacksvägen 8, 79090 Särna  Map
Hostel | Länsmansgården Hostel is located in central Särna, with a 4000 sqm garden, 200 m to shops, to the lake and the beach.

Sjövägen 14, 79091 Idre  Map
Hostel | The accommodation and camping is open all year round. Each season has its charm.

Hostel | STF cottages are not booked, but you are always guaranteed a bed. Staff is in season.
Storrödtjärns cabin

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Widest range of accommodation, activities and tickets in Swedish Dalarna.